2020 – New Beginnings

Welcome to a great new year that the Lord has given us. What opportunities are there for us ahead as we seek to be the family of God in Harristown? There are so many opportunities but before that, please join with us, praying to the Lord of the harvest that he would send the workers into the fields that are ripe unto harvest... Luke 10:2. There are thousands of young people that attend five schools less than one kilometre away.... 8500 people in the suburb in need of community and acceptance... The Lord has brought us right in to the middle of the harvest field - how are we, as people of faith, going to respond? It is time for us to stop conversing and to start being the gospel to those around us!! If you are keen to help, there is much to put our hands to.

You are welcome to stand with us and work together to see the kingdom of God grow...

Blessings and peace to all.