February 2021

Morning all!
Isaiah 45:1-13 is a powerful statement to read. Isaiah was giving the Lord's words to Cyrus and explaining how he can use anyone or anything in this world to bring his plans into being. Note how that in verse 4, the Lord shares with Cyrus the reason he is using him - for the sake of his own people regardless of Cyrus not even knowing the one true God.
My thoughts however, were drawn particularly to verses 5-12. In the context of a self determinate world, note verse 9. "Destruction is certain for those who argue with their creator." What does your version say? How often do we see fists raised and shaken at God... this verse confronts our pride again as Isaiah often does. Humility is required of us again as God's creation for sure, but note the desire for relationship with us woven through the narrative. How good is our God, regardless of whether we understand his plan or not.
May we acknowledge our position before a holy, loving, righteous and just God today.
See you tomorrow!