Hello Everyone.

Shepherd's Heart is meeting in different ways throughout the community in Covid friendly locations. We adhere to the guidelines issued by the Queensland Government. Rather than meet in a dedicated place each week, we are now walking within the community, taking Acts 2:42-47 seriously and meeting in houses and other places. As we do this, we feel the Lord would have us to show love for each other as John 13:34-35 clearly encourages, ensuring that the world knows we are Jesus' disciples. This is best achieved as we grow deeper in our faith and in relationship with each other. Our hope is that as you see how we care for each other that you too will long for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and his disciples...

If you have specific needs, please let us know. We will help as much as we can within the restraints we have. Remember that it is God himself who is the greater supplier of all needs according to his riches.

You can continue to engage with us on Facebook. There are regular services, devotions and thoughts on our public page found here:


For those of you that are a part of our community, follow updates and connections on our private page.

If you have any specific needs, please email us using the contacts on the Contact Us tab. Thank you and blessings.

Pastor Murray Schoenfisch