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One of the greatest things we get to do as disciples of Jesus Christ is to come together as a community to care for each other, to be accepting of anyone who comes and to praise the one true God in heaven who longs for relationship with us.

Walking Through Life

Getting together as a bigger group is great for sure!! To make these times even better, we meet in smaller groups throughout the week to care, support and pray for each other as we walk through life.

Special Support

Through our lives, we face good times and some that are not so good. No matter where you are in life, there is hope! Shepherd's Heart Church seeks to be a family that is willing and ready to walk the extra mile with each other and with you...

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We meet excitedly on Sunday mornings from 10am at various places throughout the region, sharing food, praying for each other, praising God in song, opening the word of God and sharing with each other our walks of faith...

1st Sunday of each month - Pittsworth Function Centre - 42 Hume St Pittsworth

Every other Sunday - Rockville Scout Hall - 245-247 Tor St Toowoomba

In between these larger gatherings, we meet in smaller groups for dedicated teaching and relational development or have a fun day together getting to know each other more. There are also prayer groups, Scripture studies and other informal gatherings throughout the week to facilitate being the church together, encouraging each other in our faith walk 7 days a week.

Contact us for more detail on the next event!! It is exciting and new! You are welcome to join our community and experience a different way of life as we walk together in faith. 

You are seen | You are welcome | You matter

Other days...

Monday 9am - Women's Bible Study

Tuesdays 6am – Men’s prayer - Revised Cup Wyalla Plaza

Fridays – Women’s Gathering

Home Gatherings - Call for further information

Counselling - Call for appointments

You are seen | You are welcome | You matter

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Next Steps...

Call us, Email us, Join us...

You are Seen | You are Heard | You are Welcome | You Matter